Band Members:

Joe Cafferty: Vocals

Jordan Greene: Guitars  / Backing Vocals

Josh Thornton: Bass Guitar

Rory Smith: Guitars

Ty Gleason: Drums


Mobday is a hard rock/metal band from Binghamton, NY, founded in December 2005 by guitarist Jordan Greene.  Jordan was playing drums in a band when he began to write guitar parts that were very different from their usual sound.  The decision was made to recruit a whole new set of musicians to create what would become Mobday.  Through a few lineup changes during the first 3 years, the band settled in as Jordan on guitar and backup vocals, Alex O’Connor on bass, Ryan Nickerson on vocals and Eric Askew on drums in the spring of 2008.  

The band quickly found their voice in the heavy scene of the Northeast by mixing their colorful pallet of influences together to create a sound that is all at once heavy, melodic, energetic and moody.  During their heavy show schedule of 2008-2010, the band narrowed their catalogue down to songs they felt fit for an album and THE BEGINNING: PART II was born.  The album showcased the bands love of driving rhythms and soaring melodies along with production quality that was unmatched in the independent scene.  

As the cycle for the first album moved along, the band was hard at work on a follow up that would bring about more interesting musical arrangements mixed with radio friendly tunes and some of the band’s darkest material to date.  

2012 was proving to be a tough year as the band was losing momentum during recording and lost their founding drummer, Eric Askew.  The band quickly found their replacement and a new energy in Ty Gleason.  With the addition of Ty, Mobday put releasing their second album on hold and got back on the road harder than ever.  After two years and many shows together, the band decided to open up the vault and get their second album, VERTIGO, ready for release on October 9, 2014.  

After Vertigo’s release, many opportunities opened up including sharing the stage with Pop Evil, Queensryche, Tantric, Saliva, Brand New Sin and Days of the New to name just a few, along with various musical gear endorsements.  The band was also being exposed on an international level thanks to modern streaming services.  

After 11 years, in 2016, Mobday made the decision to step away from the scene.  During this time, each member pursued other musical journeys for which Mobday couldn’t be the vehicle.  In the band’s absence, many fans reached out talking about what they missed about Mobday and were asking when the reunion was coming…  

In 2018, with no plans to reunite, the band put together a song that was meant to be a one-off gift to the loyal fans.  On April 13th, 2018, Mobday released their first new song with “Devil in Me”.  The song is a departure from the band’s previous work and received mixed reviews.  However, the spark ignited a new found interest in the band’s back catalogue and they decided to take it back out.  Ryan, Jordan and Ty return along with longtime guitarist Rory Smith with new bassist, Josh Thornton.  In just a few short months, Mobday has performed around the region including a direct support spot with Pop Evil.  Armed with a new acoustic EP and new band mate, Mobday has a re-energized focus and is out to show the world that they are here to make some noise.


In January 2020, Mobday announced the addition of Joe Cafferty on vocals after the departure of longtime vocalist Ryan Nickerson.

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